Zombie Rules Mobile Survival & Battle Royale

Welcome into the world of online mobile shooter Zombie Rules – Mobile Survival & Battle Royale.
Join the outstanding free multiplayer action game! Fire your gun or zombies radiation will strike you down.

• The war has begun! Dive into Deathmatches and Team Fights!
Welcome to the battlegrounds! Fight solo against everyone or raise own army with your friends – it’s up to you to decide! Whatever your choice, enjoy one-of-a-kind crazy shootouts! The fastest and most player with tactical advantage will win. Of course, if you didn’t forget to stock up on guns, armor and all other necessities from the arsenal.

• Do you like killing zombies? It’s time to pull the trigger or you’ll be dead!
Challenge a whole army of those creepy walking monsters! Fight all of them and try not to get infected or you will become one of them
• Join the Battle Royale
Think your survival strategy before your combat starts! Сhoose a place to descend to an unexplored island with your parachute.
Rules are simple. Choose 1 of the 10 settlements on the huge map, find your first weapon and, if you’re lucky, a medkit and a bulletproof vest. Listen out for sounds of shooting – it will help you identify where your enemy is. If you are a sniper, use buildings and terrain to your advantage, and make an ambush for your enemies.But you can also use buildings for a great knife party!
Always watch out for the movement of the safe zone. If you found a transport – the luck is on your side! You can quickly move to the safe zone on your Buggy or UAZ, but killing enemies on your way. Forgot your guns? Then just crush them by car! Your duty is to destroy all enemies and survive! It’s the only way to win
Talk to your team via the voice chat to call for help or help them get out of a critical situation.

Luck isn’t on your side? Choose a more powerful weapon, armor and supporting items in arsenal and strike back at the enemy!
Customize your character and stand out from everyone else. That’ll make your enemies remember you from the first minutes of the match!

Zombie Rules – Mobile Survival & Battle Royale offers you:
• Deathmatch – “everyone versus everyone” multiplayer mode for solo players;
• Team Fight – human squads confrontation
• Zombie Attack – Zombies versus Humans multiplayer mode
• Battle Royale – The last survivor wins
• Modern online multiplayer combats. Unknown players from all over the world are your allies now! Well, or your opponents.
• Huge open world – absolute freedom of action
• Amazing mobile graphics, visual effects and high FPS
• Over 50 different weapons, guns, ammo and aid items
• Character customization
• Realistic transport: Buggy and UAZ
• Auto-shooting