ZingPlay – Games Portal – Shan – Dummy – Pool

Zingplay is a fascinating multi-platforms gaming portal and is extremely a Must-Play to all gamers. Not only bringing the meaning of 3F (Fun, Friendly & Free-to-play) to gamers, Zingplay Games Portal also released on mobile version to meet gamers demand of playing anytime, anywhere without having to install many games.

It is Fun – It is Friendly – It is Free to Play.
Zingplay Games Portal integrates all the Hot-Games for gamers to experience from the excellence board game “Miracle Dice Zingplay”; the strategic game “ChaosAge Zingplay”; sport game “Pool Billiards Zingplay”; wisdom card-games from “Shan Koe Mee Zingplay” to “Poker ZingPlay”, “Dummy Zingplay” and “Nine ZingPlay”.

Miracle Dice Zingplay
Our clever team has reimagined from the most iconic board game and transformed it into the most interested travel game. You still have to come up with the strategy to decide when and where to build your city. The game is in fast paced, exciting with chibi style characters and you are also able to play with many other real players with multiplayer mode. Definitely Miracle Dice Zingplay is the best travel game for you.

ChaosAge Zingplay
Developed and rated as the best strategic mobile game by Vietnam Android community but ChaosAge Zingplay is easy to play by any gamer. Known as best community game with localize languages, every gamer is not only able to write his own story on his own land as a King but he also join as a member in a strong multination clan.

Pool Billiards Zingplay
Real feeling is what you can say about this game. Among many pool (billiards) game made for mobile phone, Pool Billiards Zingplay is really a sport game as actual physical force of hitting a billiard ball will definitely bring you the real-play feeling. Plus, the card playing mode is the most unique way that also worth to try. Pool Billiards Zingplay – be real player right on your hand.

Wisdom card-games
Shan Koe Mee Zingplay is one of the top games on store. With vividly display and sound and smoothly running on most of the operating systems, Shan Koe Mee of ZingPlay Myanmar is a must-play game on the mobile for everyone.

Poker ZingPlay, Dummy Zingplay and Nine ZingPlay are International card games which have many players from South East Asia; now Myanmar good players can make some rounds with Zingplay Games Portal. But remember you will need your wisdom decisions to be able to win in the game. Don’t spend all you have in one times!

Zingplay Games Portal – Less Install More Fun!