The Ark of Craft 2: Jurassic Survival Island

How did you get to this island?? What If it’s your last day? It’s worse than the apocalypse… Because this isn’t just a desert island. You are not alone here… The Island is inhabited by dangerous dinosaurs!!! The Fight for survival has begun…

If you like survival games, The Ark of Craft 2: Jurassic Survival Island is all you need! This is the best survival simulator you’ve ever seen! Survival, craft and hunt are waiting for you on the island. Play free without internet. Open world is here!

Survival Island features:

💎 Mysterious caves: find a dino cave and collect rare resources
Explore ancient caves full of dangerous dinosaurs and rare resources. Discover new species of dinosaurs! Collect rare resources, craft tools and weapons, build your own house in the open world!

🌴New great 3D graphics
Enjoy the newest version of high resolution graphics in 3D. Survival feels more real than ever. Just imagine suddenly finding an island with giant jungle forest and ancient animals. Survival simulator with the best 3D graphics is already here!

🔫 Dozens of new weapons and vital resources
Apocalypse or desert island… anyway, you have to survive. You can craft weapons: axe, bow and arrows. They will help you to hunt for food and protect yourself in the fight. Enjoy survival craft! Be a real dino hunter!

🐲 Evolution goes on
There is a huge collection of dinosaurs and wild animals on this island. You have your best friend – dodo. It will protect you from dangerous Kentrosaurus. Try to tame wild Pterodactyls! Collect all the eggs and get Nasutoceratops!

🔨 Improved crafting, building and fighting skills
Survival games…this is not as easy as it seems. Be brave even if it’s your last day… The Ark 2 enables you to create and craft more advanced resources for building facilities. If you like survival craft, this game is all you need! Explore open world in all possible ways, you are now a true survivor.

🐾 Different types of dinosaurs
This game let you discover dinos at once. Realistic wild animals are eager to kill the uninvited guest on this island — try to survive as long as you can! Do you want to be a dino hunter? Or you want to have your own dino? Hunt dinosaurs or try to tame them! One of the best survival games is here!

What is this? This is survival island, craft and hunt. Real dinosaurs are waiting for you! Be a real dino hunter! Enjoy new survival simulator right now!