Teen Patti Club TPC – India Poker with Friends

Teen Patti Club is the first home game mode TeenPatti software in India, that provides players with a platform to play with friends anytime, anywhere!Play Teen Patti ,Rummy,No-limit Texas Hold’em,Pot-limit Omaha,Open Face Chinese Poker with friends anytime,anywhere!

·Play Teen Patti with your friends
·Transfer golds to your friends
·Exchange diamonds
·Run a club
·Control everything with your room
·Professional statistics

Run a club for your friends:
Free chips for club.
Freely chat for friends.
Allow 800 players to join club.
Allow 100 clubs to join union.

Club manager control everything:
Teen Patti Variations:Muflis,Hukam,Discard One,Royal,AK47,Joker.
Multiple game modes,including TeenPatti,Rummy,NLH,PLO,OFC,MTT,SNG.

Professional Statistics:
Provide clear and detailed data for players.
Provide professional data background for club manager.

Introducion for variations:
Muflis:Order of hads are reversed.A trail of aces is the weakest hand.
Hukam:One HUKAM card in the center of the table.Any card with the same number as the HUKAM card is a joker card.
Discard One:Every player get four cards for one hand,choose three of cards which is rank highest to play the game.
Royal:Play with a 20 card deck which has only Aces,Kings,Queens,Jacks and Tens.
AK47:All A’s,K’s,4’s and 7’s are Jokers.
Joker:Play with two Cards and one Joker card.
Sequence:Discard One,Hukam,Muflis,Royal,AK47,Joker are used one by one.
Random:Variation for each hand is used random.