Sea Invaders: Arcade shooting game

If you love arcade shooting games like galaxia or space shooter but you are tired of always playing space games when you just want to play shooter games, Sea Invaders is your game. Enjoy shooting in a SEA SHOOTER! Yes, now you can stop playing boring space aliens shooting games for kids and start saving the sea shooting its worst creatures like a hero.

Sea Invaders: Arcade shooting game is a completely new game that has all main virtues from classic galaxy games. Shoot like in any free space game but with an awesome and unpredictable approach to the space shooting genre. Enjoy now fighting with hundreds of enemies and defeating the strongest bosses of the sea, an experience you will never forget.

What can you expect from our game?

-Creative enemies: Like in most space shooting games or any survival you have played, Sea Invaders has lots of enemies, each one of them completely different to the rest.

-Frenetic Shoot ‘em up: Dodge bullets, destroy enemies and collect weapons to save the sea from its invaders.

-Choose your style: Choose abilities and weapons at the end of each level so your style will be always yours.

-Long campaign: Unlike in other space invaders game, you won’t get bored in this shooting game thanks to its lots of levels.

-Epic boss fights: Fight giant squids, killer whales, cachalots and all the most feared villains in the sea.

How can I play?
-Slide to control your dolphin and dodge the enemies.
-Use currency to buy strong upgrades and choose new abilities at the end of each level.
-Change your character and assets to adapt your strategy in each level.