Moneyball is an interactive game show about the PBA on TV5.

Who can play and what are the requirements?
Anyone can participate. A player only needs to:
1. Watch the Moneyball segment on TV5, typically shown live during select PBA games’ halftime intermission.
2. Download/install the Moneyball app (smartphones only for now, landline support coming soon), register once, and log in before the Moneyball programme begins.
When the TV host instructs you to press “Start”, put your device close to the TV speakers. The TV sound is used to synchronize and activate your game.

Which devices are supported?
The Moneyball app is available for iOS and Android devices, including PLDT Telpad. Moneyball app can be downloaded from iTunes Store and Google Play stores.

How is the game played?
The game is comprised of four rounds. The first three rounds consist of multiple-choice trivia questions. The faster the player responds (5-second timer), the higher the potential score (maximum of 5000 points). The second round is worth double (10.000 maximum points), whereas the third round is worth triple (15,000 points maxium). The fourth and final round, called the Moneyball round, is a rapid-fire categorization game, whereby eight names/team/words/items are shown, one every three seconds. Players are asked to categorize each item into one of the options shown, all within a “24-second shot clock”.

Can Moneyball be played anytime?
Moneyball games can only be played during select PBA games, typically at halftime of games that are broadcast live. Schedule of games may be found at

Why is the registration form long?
The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) requires submission of personal information—full name, address, mobile phone, etc.—which may be used to verify players claiming prizes. TV5 requires players to upload valid profile photos, which may appear on TV. Amusing profile photos are allowed, even encouraged. But unrecognizeable photos, brands, logos, icons, and images other than the player’s may result in player disqualification. Registration is a one-time process, but players must log in prior to every Moneyball broadcast.