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Lucky Numbers Keno is a mobile version of Video Kenogames played in Casinos. Lucky Numbers Keno has numbers from 1 to 80. Select upto 10 numbers to be on in these 80 numbers. Place your bet / wager from as low as 1 cent to 1 million credits.

Once you tap on the Play button in the Keno game 10 randomly selected numbers drop on the right hand side. Numbers are highlighted on the Keno card, if any of these dropped keno balls match the number you have selected. The more Keno ball’s numbers match your selection the more you win.

Lucky Numbers KenoKeno Game Features:

• Awesome HD Graphics
• Looks & Feels like the real thing
• 5 Unique Themes
• Awesome casino background ambient sounds
• Autoplay – Makes Playing Keno a Breeze
• Spin to Win – Free Gifts Daily upto 1000 Credits
• Google Game Services – Compare your score with Friends & people around the world
• Quick Pick – To randomly pick numbers
• Hot Cold Numbers – Display numbers that are HOT & COLD!
• 1 Cent to 1 Million – Bet as Low or As High as you feel like

5 Themes As Below:

• Keno Gold
• Mafia Keno
• Sea Treasure Keno
• Coconut Keno
• Pirate Keno

While the above themes is by no means a comprehensive list, we are planning to add more theme’s in the future like cleopatra keeno theme, Egyptian theme etc
There are several variations of Keno such as 20 Card Keno, 4 Card Keno. This game is a 1 card keno, however with many themes. Being able to pick Keno winning numbers is the highlight the game. You have to be lucky to get the right keno numbers.

If you like bingo or Poker or Power Ball or Slots Machine or Texas Hold ’em or Mega millions Lottery then you will more than likely to enjoy the Lucky Numbers Keno game too

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