Love is Our Specialty! Anime Girlfriend Game

Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!


You’ve been working hard at a restaurant to put yourself through high school, but work’s not all bad when you’ve got cute coworkers and a good boss! One day though, on your way home from work, you come across a girl that’s being bothered by a group of delinquents. You jump in to help, but it looks like she’s an expert fighter and barely needs your assistance!

You’re definitely surprised by the whole event, but life goes on… Until your boss tells you that a new staff member will be joining your team. It just so happens to be the girl from before! Will you be able to train her? How will it affect your relationship with your childhood friend and coworker? And let’s not forget that guy that wants to take over your restaurant…

Who thought working at a restaurant would lead to all these crazy events! But you might just get a nice reward for all your hard work in “Love is Our Specialty!”


Karen is a tough fighter that many consider to be a delinquent. Now she’s your newest trainee! She’s terse, but she’s got a strong sense of justice and is a no-nonsense kind of a girl. But what could be hiding underneath that harsh exterior of hers…?

You’ve been good friends with her forever and she’s been very supportive of you. She can be a little tsundere at times, but her intentions are good. Though she doesn’t work at the restaurant with you, that might change soon…

Modest and a little shy, Ayaka is one of your coworkers at the restaurant. It looks like she might have a crush on you, but she’s not quite ready to admit her feelings. But one of your male coworkers seems to be giving her trouble…