Knittens: Sweet Match 3 Puzzles & Adorable Kittens (Unreleased)

Play the newest match 3 game with adorable kittens, colorful yarn, and sweet puzzles. Match balls of yarn, drop cat toys and pop rows of fish cookies to solve puzzles. Find free gems by completing side quests. Match sweet treats to fill up the cat bowl and get help from your kitten. Match 3 games don’t get any cuter than this!

Furry Match 3 Fun!
• Kitty cuteness overload. Choose your puurfect kitten to help you solve levels.
• Match sweet fish cookies for your kitten, and be rewarded with a special boost
• Play fun levels with new & unique challenges
• Drop cat toys, spray moths & pop pillows

Sweet Boosts!
• New power ups & boosts to earn
• Bloom powerful flowers
• Blast rows of sewing buttons
• Pop pieces of special yarn toys
• Match three or more cookies to fill the cat bowl

Play Craft-themed Side Quests
• Kittens like to play too!
• Win toys for your pet to play with
• Match big to win gems!
• Blast special quests
• Burst wedding balloons
• Collect clothing patterns
• Knit clothes for your pet

Customize your Kitten
• Match 3 or more balls of yarn to collect that color
• Knit hats, sweaters, scarves & more
• Special outfits provide power ups

Your cat needs you to knit an array of PURRFECT clothing in order to complete special event quests that will make them the most fabulous feline. Each completed puzzle brings you closer to unique patterns to knit and clothing for your cat to wear. Grab your kitty treats and knitting needles and prepare for match three fun with Knittens!