Jigsaw Puzzle Mania

Jigsaw Mania is a simple puzzle game that requires assembly of interlocking pieces. The game is both entertaining and at the same time allows you to challenge your senses. If you love solving puzzles, this is the game for you.

The game allows you to choose the difficulty level from 6 to 252 allowing kids and adults to enjoy the game equally. Set the difficulty level that you prefer. It has something for every age.

Choose from high quality real world images, cartoons and beautiful paintings with soothing background music. New category and images are regularly added to the game.

Use it as a stress buster or to spend free time challenging your brain into doing creative activity. Jump into the world of colourful pictures and puzzle.

1)Categories and subcategories to make choosing the image easier.
2)Watch video – to help you watch videos and earn rewards to help you with the game play.
3)Restore game – Never worry about loosing your ongoing game, came back and complete anytime
4)Timer – Adds to the level of difficulty and brings along tons of excitement

Please note! Jigsaw Mania game is free to play but there are optional in-app purchases available