Hunting Fever

Hunting Fever Hunter shooting a deer

Hunting Fever is a thrilling hunting simulation game that will give you an extraordinary hunting experience. Take your shotgun now, go deep into the wilderness, and devote yourself to hunting!

-Global hunting-
From the wilderness to the snow, from the coast to the jungle… The excellent hunter, first of all, is an explorer! Go deep into the no-man’s land of the world, explore the magnificent nature, and find the most valuable prey in the beautiful scenery.

-Rich animal species-
Reindeer, bighorn sheep, white-headed vulture, grey wolf, brown bear… Whether it is a tame herbivore or a ferocious carnivore, it will be finely presented in the game. Sneak close, observe their every move, and pull the trigger at the best time!

-Choose your weapon-
When faced with the most wild creatures in nature, only the guns on hand can give us the courage to stand up. Choose your love gun, upgrade your muzzle/stock butt/projector/clip… to create the perfect hunting weapon!

-Well-designed levels-
Accept hunting missions to meet interesting challenges. For example, hunting a designated animal, using an infrared mode to hit a specific part, killing enough prey in a limited time… Going forward to a difficult mission and getting a higher reward!

What are you waiting for, come join this hunting adventure!