Fruit Wars – Angry Apple – Knock down 🍎

Fruit wars is a knock down game of shooting and targeting other objects in angry fruits with a catapult / slingshot as an archer with his arrow and destroy and knock down all enemy obstacles and angry fruits like a birds. The goal is to knock down all target using a slingshot and angry fruits. The physics used in this fruit wars game is very accurate and interesting with the effect rebound. Play is simple, drag and release crazy fruit for the slingshot and knock down target. To take control of angry fruit and shoot with it, you need to press and hold your finger on the slingshot to outfit it and unleash your finger to shoot crazy fruit and knock down. Hurdles may be some banana, pineapple, pear, apple, orange, grapes, melon, lemon, strawberry, cherry and blocks. Let’s start the adventure with slingshot angry fruits can be challenging. It is a free app.

🎃 Halloween special level: Smash pumpkins and candy also in 30 seconds.

🎄 Christmas special level: Santa Claus throws presents to the children at Christmas, get those that contain surprise, some gifts are empty. You have 30 seconds.

🌟 20 different levels.
🌟 2d graphics coloful.
🌟 Kids and adults.
🎮 Mode Bonus (rain fruit) : a rainbow of fruits which will have to get as many points as you can. Leaderboards and achievements Google Play Service.