Clash of Zombies 2:Heroes Game

You can fight alongside your favorite Superheroes.

In “Clash of Zombies 2:Heroes Game”,The full-scale invasion of Doctor T 👽 and his biochemical mutant army is coming, they attempt to destroy the universe and fulfill that prophecy of the Darkest Night. Come and build your super hero team with Doctor X 🧐 and upgrade them, save the world in epic strategic battle!

“Clash of Zombies 2:Heroes Game” is a popular survival strategy game where thousands of zombies 🧟 will use all means to fight and destroy your defensive buildings. Moreover, now they are much more crazy and stronger than any time before. What you have to do is fighting with super heroes 🌏.

🌈Features of “Clash of Zombies 2:Heroes Game”:
√ Recruit super heroes with super power stones, they will establish immortal exploits for you;
√ Form an alliance with your friends, challenge multiplayer instances together;
√ Real-time control, turn the tide of fight in a short moment, compete with other players in the arena;
√ Endless adventure, prove yourself in every week’s competition;
√ Large quests and map system, you can experience fresh challenges at any time;

Come and join in “Clash of Zombies 2:Heroes Game”, fight with super heroes against thousands of players all over the world!

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