Bubble Shooter by Arkadium

Play the classic and most addictive bubble pop game for FREE, match 3 colors and clear levels. Don’t miss out on this fun relaxing game! Install Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter app and watch the bubbles pop.

Bubble Shooter features:
– Over 1,000 free levels
– Powerups to blast more bubbles
– Beautiful art, animations and sound
– Lightning bubbles burst bubbles by the dozen
– Bomb bubbles to explode even more bubbles
– Ice bubbles that can be thawed when you shoot bubble match near them
– Stone bubbles are an obstacle that will make all free bubble games a thought-provoking challenge
– Precise bubble shooting action with spectacular touch controls
– Countless levels for hours of bubble shooter fun
– Wall bounce shots for difficult to reach bubbles

Enjoy the best Bubble Shooter game on the Google Play Store today!

Aim, shoot, and pop bubbles in this cathartic action game. Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter offers numerous levels and bubble powerups to keep you playing endless free bubble shooter games.

This free Bubble Shooter game is also known as Bubble Pop, Bubble Shooter Arena, Puzzle Bobble, or Bust a Move around the world. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Fans of all ages love this modern, relaxing Bubble Shooter game!

Fun facts about Bubble Shooter games:
– The first bubble shooter game was released in 1994
– Bubble shooter has been remade thousands of times, but this is the best version
– Most bubble shooter games do not have powerup bubbles
– The original bubble shooter game, Puzzle Bobble, was released as Bust a Move in the United States

How to play Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter:
Bubble Shooter is perfect for new and experienced players alike. To play, simply use your finger to aim the bubble and shoot it at two or more bubbles of the same color to pop them! The goal of the game is to remove all bubbles on the board, but remember that you can drop bubbles by popping the bubbles above them; this is key to winning Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter. As you play, you will also unlock powerup bubbles that allow you to clear bubbles more quickly.

How to win in Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter:
The best way to play Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter is to play it like a strategy game. Even though it looks like a shooting game, aiming is much less important than planning out your next bubble shot. Before shooting bubbles, look at the level and plan your moves out ahead of time. If you see a lot of obstacles, it might be worth shooting bubble boosts to make a clear path. Alternatively, if you see a large cluster of bubbles, don’t go straight for the bubble pop! Instead, save the easiest shots for later and always conserve your bubble boosts like lightning and bomb bubbles. As you get to the harder levels, Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter becomes an even more tactical puzzle game. Use wall shots to hit hard to reach places and drop boost bubbles without setting them off.

Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter is the best version of bubble shooter on Android. Play now to unwind and pop your stress away with relaxing bubble shooter games.

Download and play Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter today!

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