Archery Ace

An incredible new archery game is waiting for you! Archery Ace is one of the most exciting first-person-shooting archery game. Download and try it now! you cannot miss it!

Why do you want to play Archery Ace

­čśŁClassical PVE mode
Shooting the bullseye in the indoor or outdoor archery range, playground, stadium, etc. various spots give you special archery experience.

­čśëAdventure PVE mode
Real scene experience: shooting bottles, balloons and plates. You may even experience complicated natural scene, including windy, rainy or snowy scenes.

­čĆ╣Round PVP mode
Compete with worldwide opponents. Shooting one by one and only the most skilled one can win!

­čĆ╣Rush PVP mode
How many 10-points you can shoot in limited time? Challenge with other opponents!

Key features of Archery Ace
­čąçFree spin and free awards every day
­čąçUpgrade to get advanced equipment
­čąçLuxury and premium roulette
­čąçTerrific graphic and sound effect

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