2050 Supermarket Idle – Tycoon Game

A new world with this incremental game of idle and tycoon. Dive into the cyberpunk simulation and get lost in the neon supermarkets. Create your empire and be an idle rich tycoon.
Are you ready to build your own supermarket empire in this cyberpunk universe? Download 2050 Supermarket now and open your first store to start to enjoy this time management, money, and business game. Get yourself the idle tycoon of the best supermarket shopping mall.
Start running a small shop and work hard to make your business grow. Research new features expand your business and reach more clients. Build a bakery, fashion department, electronics store or a restaurant. Sell the best products to attract clients. Hire sellers and make them increase your sales and profits. Take care of your customers. Offer them a wide range of options to stick around in your supermarket. Build a parking lot where they can safely park their cars and go shopping. The more customers you can attract to your supermarket to buy, the more cash you can get.
Find the highest-quality products, offer the best shopping deals and launch the newest departments to attract customers. Create your shopping mall empire tycoon by optimizing your stores and profits!
Get rich and make more cash even when you’re offline. Open new shops and get lots of gold, cash and money. Make more money to be an idle tycoon in this supermarket mall!
Become the richest supermarket tycoon! Improve every detail and turn your tiny store into a successful supermarket chain! Manage and administrate your stores and improve your idle business!
In this idle tycoon, tap, and clicker simulator game, you will have to improve your time and money management in order to advance in the different levels of the game. Get more shopping malls to increase your business. Manage the supermarkets to become the richest tycoon.